‘Knit for Health & Wellness’ is already transforming the way people all over the world are thinking about their health, wellness and knitting.

It rises above other self-help books by providing an accessible tool which gets you actively involved in your health and wellbeing and shows you how to do this any time, anywhere. the innovative use of knitting as a portable tool adds an extra dimension to enable you to be actively involved in transformation alongside learning about wellbeing.

It quite literally puts the power in your hands.

As the recognised world expert on the use of Therapeutic Knitting for improving wellness and managing illness, Betsan explains how –

  • The hidden power of your hand movements influence your brain
  • You can create a healthy brain environment
  • You can create an environment where mind and body work in harmony
  • Knitting naturally brings about a state of mind that doctors the world over are desperately trying to encourage
  • Knitting can be used as a tool to help anyone
  • Knitting helps to erase social concerns
  • Knitting can help you beat loneliness

Findings from Betsan’s extensive work are presented in an easy-to-read, page-turning style whilst at the same time tapiing into leading-edge neuroscience, positive neuroplastic change and complex psychological ideas.

“Congratulations, what a wonderful book! … You have put some complex ideas together in a way that is simple to grasp and made me want to have a go – Steve Jobs was a master of this with his Apple products and you have pulled off a similar trick

Dr Patrick Hill, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

‘Knit for Health & Wellness’ is packed with practical, achievable information, a fact supported by five star reviews from a wide-ranging, global readership.

Alongside learning about wellbeing, you will learn how to –

  • Knit to deliberately improve your health and wellbeing – any time, anywhere
  • Choose the needles and yarn to maximise the benefits to you
  • Recognise the power and value of different types of project and when to best use them
  • Use Therapeutic Knitting to manage symptoms of medical conditions.

Betsan shares her knowledge of using Therapeutic Knitting clinically and integrates this with recent research, her medical knowledge, data from a survey of over 3,500 knitters from 31 countries, and many stories sent to her from knitters around the globe.

You will discover that what actually goes on behind the ‘K’ word is complex and exciting in many ways.

The information shared opens up an exciting accessible new way of approaching health, wellness and ‘being well’.

Learn to live well by choice…

Paul Harvard-Evans, multiple award-winning radio producer. Producer of Airing Pain for the charity Pain Concern

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